4 Palestinians shot dead in alleged knife attacks on Israeli forces

Story highlights

  • There were two separate incidents, one near Gush Etzion settlement junction, the other near Hebron
  • The men wielded knives against Israeli forces, the IDF says
  • They were shot dead; no Israeli forces were injured

Jerusalem (CNN)Four Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli forces in the West Bank overnight after two separate attempted knife attacks, Israel said.

In the first deadly incident, three Palestinians attempting to attack with knives were shot and killed by Israeli forces at the Gush Etzion settlement junction in the West Bank, the Israeli military said Friday.
    "The force thwarted the attack, responding to the imminent threat danger and shooting the perpetrators resulting in death of two," the Israeli military told CNN. "The third was receiving medical treatment at the scene but later died of injuries."
    No Israeli soldiers or civilians have been reported injured.
    The Palestinian health ministry said that the three Palestinians were cousins from the town of Sa'eer near Hebron. The ministry identified them as Ziyad Kawazbeh, 18, Ahmad Kawazbeh, 19, and A'laa Kawazbeh, 19.

    Second incident

    In the second incident, "a Palestinian armed with a knife attempted to stab soldiers northeast of Hebron," the Israeli military said. "The forces thwarted the attack and shot the assailant resulting in his death." No soldiers were injured.
    The Palestinian health ministry identified him as Khalil Mohamad Shalaldeh, 16, from the town of Beit Eynoun in the West Bank.
    Shalaledeh's brother, Mohammad Shalaldeh, died after clashes with Israeli forces in November.
    The Palestinian health ministry said in a statement that the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since October has risen to 149.
    Israeli medical and disaster organization Magen David Adom has recorded at least 27 Israeli deaths at the hands of Palestinian attackers since mid September.