Why Glenn Beck fears Donald Trump

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  • Dean Obeidallah: Glenn Beck is right it would be a big mistake if Donald Trump were elected
  • Obeidallah: Imagine if Trump were to use federal agencies to punish his political enemies

(CNN)It will be a "gigantic mistake if this country chooses Donald Trump" as its next president, Glenn Beck declared last week. He added that Trump will be a "monster much, much worse" than Barack Obama.

This may be the first and possibly the last time that I agree with Beck (except for the part that Obama has been a monster.)
    Beck's impassioned criticism of Trump must be applauded because it's actually a profile in courage. As he noted, some of his conservative listeners may "hate" his guts for this no-holds-barred slam of Trump. But Beck still felt compelled to tell the truth, even acknowledging it could hurt him financially if some of his listeners tuned out.
      So what is so terrifying about Trump that Beck would risk financial losses to tell us? Well, he truly believes that if Trump were elected president of the United States, he would use the apparatus of the federal government to exact revenge upon his political enemies.