Social media search is on to find Lionel Messi fan

    (CNN)You don't have to be a soccer fan to see why social media is buzzing over a picture of a child wearing an improvised jersey belonging to one of the sport's most popular players.

    The child, facing away from the camera, seems to be wearing a blue and white striped plastic grocery bag tied at the shoulders over a sweater. Across the back, written neatly in blue ink, is the last name synonymous with soccer greatness -- Lionel Messi. The Argentine striker's number is written below.
    Now, social media wants to know: Who is this little buzzed-hair fan?
      Photos of the post surfaced on Turkish blogs and websites a week ago.
        Some social media posts claim the photo was taken in Iraq, however, it's unclear when and where the original photo was taken.
        People are trying to help find this child so they can get a real Messi shirt to him.
        One of the more popular Messi Twitter fan accounts, @messi10stats, claims to have been contacted by the soccer player's representatives via Twitter direct message asking where the child is located so "Leo can arrange something for him."
            As of now, there has been no acknowledgment from Messi about the child in the makeshift jersey.
            Messi was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in March 2010. Since then, he has advocated for vulnerable children throughout the world, visiting countries like Haiti and Costa Rica to raise awareness.