See inside a Bronze Age village

Laura Perez Maestro, CNN

Published 1755 GMT (0155 HKT) January 22, 2016
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Scientists are excavating the best-preserved Bronze Age village ever found in the UK, located in the marshlands of eastern Britain, at a site dubbed Must Farm. Pictured is a replica of a Bronze Age house that shares similarities with two ancient dwellings at the site, which stood on stilts. Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
Archeologists have found footprints, beads, a skull, and even a pot still holding food. Remains of the stilts are visible (wrapped in bands, center.) Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
Scientists also uncovered the backbone of a cow, but don't know if it was for food or decoration. Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
Marks left in wood show that the villagers used axes. Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
From above, the round shape of this Bronze Age dwelling is clear. Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
This pottery was found nearly intact at the site. Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
The site also yielded this head of a spear. Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
The villagers had bronze tools for cutting, like this one found at the site. Laura Perez Maestro/CNN
Every item found at the site is recorded, photographed and drawn by an archeological artist. Vikki Herring/Cambridge Archaeology Unit