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The tweet Trump reposted from the user was a photoshopped image of the GOP front-runner's opponent Jeb Bush

Trump has repeatedly gotten heat for his retweets

Washington CNN  — 

Donald Trump’s penchant for retweets once again raised eyebrows, after he recirculated a tweet on Friday from a user with the handle “WhiteGenocideTM.”

The profile – with about 2,300 followers – used the name “Donald Trumpovitz,” linked to a website containing a pro-Adolf Hitler documentary, featured a background photo with red lettering saying “Get the F— Out of My Country” and had a location of “Jewmerica.” The account also includes a photo of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party.

The account’s Twitter feed was largely a collection of retweets about violence allegedly committed by African-American suspects and anti-Arab posts.

The tweet Trump actually reposted from the user, however, was a photoshopped image of the GOP front-runner’s opponent Jeb Bush, depicting him as a disheveled beggar outside Trump Tower.

As he always does, Trump manually retweeted the user, meaning he copied and pasted the full tweet into his post rather than clicking a button to send the tweet to his followers.

“@WhiteGenocideTM: @realDonaldTrump Poor Jeb. I could’ve sworn I saw him outside Trump Tower the other day!” the tweet read.

Trump has repeatedly gotten heat for his retweets, which all appear to be selected specifically by his account. When he retweeted a post insulting Iowans in October, he apologized and blamed an intern for the mistake.

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It wasn’t the first unflattering image of an opponent the real estate mogul retweeted this week. Trump also retweeted a follower’s photoshopped image parodying Sen. Ted Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth.”

The image showed a balding and pudgy version of the Texas Republican with the title “A Time to Lie.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to request for comment on the account.

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Bush’s spokesman took to Twitter to criticize Trump’s tweet.

“The Godwin’s Double: Trump’s anti-Jeb retweets now include one from a Nazi’s account and another calling Jeb a Nazi,” Tim Miller tweeted.

Godwin’s Law is a phrase that refers to an Internet adage that any online conversation that goes on long enough will involve a comparison to Hitler or Nazis.