Splitting hairs with Joe Hart

Henry Young

Updated 1706 GMT (0106 HKT) January 28, 2016
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CNN Sport caught up with Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart, who gave us his verdict on some of the most memorable hairstyles in soccer history -- but only after he had doused a cheesecake inferno with a fire extinguisher.
What does Joe Hart think of this effort from David Beckham, the man with perhaps the most storied hairstyle portfolio of all? Hart says: "He's a legend, isn't he? That style's probably not great but as a whole, he pulls it off, doesn't he? Yeah, you can't knock him. 3/10 -- 10 being bad."
Neymar, circa 2013: a melange of at least four different hairstyles. "You've got to bear in mind the time," Hart says. "This was probably when this was vaguely acceptable -- not recently!" Lengthy fringe, gelled Mohican, shaved sides ... unforgivable mullet. But he is kind to the Barca man: "That's a 6/10."
Hart is in awe at the sight of Carlos Valderrama. "Amazing...that is amazing ... yeah, amazing. It's a 9/10. It is terrible, but he worked it." Today, the likes of Marouane Fellaini and David Luiz try in vain to continue the Colombia midfielder's legacy. In truth, he has no hair apparent.
With his afro pushed back, barely contained by his headband, David James made himself seem bigger and the goal seem smaller. "It's not his worst" laughs Hart. "If bad is 10, that's a 3/10 maximum."
With more hairstyles than Liverpool goals, Mario Ballotelli offers plenty of looks to choose from. "Oh God," laughs Hart, peering at a photo of his former City teammate. An orange Mohican complete with shaved-in decals? "I'd describe it as standard," says Hart. "That's a good 8/10". Why always him?
There's no doubt Hart admires the flowing locks of Dutchman Ruud Gullit. "Confident," he says. "Being able to play like that, with your eyes basically covered, and still be as good as him: confident. It's not that bad -- 6/10."
A young Raheem Sterling looks as though he has utilized the top section of a judge's wig. Hart laughs, bewildered by his Manchester City teammate's questionable haircut. "Raz, come on. He had too much time on his hands there, I think. It's an 8/10. That is really bad -- sorry."