Diabetes: Yet another reason to get out of that chair

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  • People who sat an hour longer than others tested had 22% higher odds for type 2 diabetes
  • An extra hour of sedentary time was associated with 39% increased odds for metabolic syndrome

(CNN)We already knew that sitting, one of most people's favorite activities, may be killing you, but now we have new proof that before it gets you, you may get type 2 diabetes, too.

Modern life was constructed to keep you sitting down. When we drive, we sit. When we work at the office, we sit. When we watch TV, well, you get the picture.
    Last year we learned from a scientific review of 47 studies that this sedentary behavior increases your chances of getting a disease or condition that will kill you even if you exercise. Now a new study from the Netherlands running in the journal Diabetologia suggests that even an extra 40 minutes of couch potato behavior will dramatically increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.