Nudie Cohn: The rhinestone cowboy tailor who dressed Elvis

Published 1105 GMT (1905 HKT) February 4, 2016
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The tailor's flamboyant style had a lasting impact on American country and western clothing. Decades after his death, granddaughter Jamie Nudie has reopened Nudie's Rodeo Tailors in California.
Marti Coale/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Cohn's awesome suits were worn by western performers and rodeo stars. His famous clients included Robert Redford in 1979 film "The Electric Horseman." Courtesy Silver Screen Collection/IMDb
Redford's outfit included these rhinestone-studded boots. Courtesy Instagram/Nudies_Rodeo_Tailors
Cohn's most famous creation was the $10,000 gold lamé suit worn by Elvis Presley on the cover of his album "50,000 Elvis Fans Can't be Wrong." Courtesy Instagram/Nudies_Rodeo_Tailors
This wonderfully embroidered suit was made for 1960s and '70s country music star Gram Parsons.
Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America
Each of Cohn's suits was like a fashion fairytale. Courtesy Jamie Nudie/Flickr/The Kozy Shack
This original Nudie suit featured a picture of Jesus on the trouser leg. Courtesy Instagram/Nudies_Rodeo_Tailors
This vibrant number was worn by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
His wife was no wilting violet herself, pictured in this rich embroidered outfit. Courtesy Instagram/Nudies_Rodeo_Tailors
The naked cowgirl label was based on Bobbie. "My grandmother came out of the bedroom one evening and she had on her hat and her boots and she said: 'Nudie, when do I get the rest of my outfit?'" according to Jamie Nudie. "So in the 1963 logo she got her Bolero. Anything pre-Bolero means the naked cowgirl label is from 1947 to 1963." Courtesy Jamie Nudie