Kanye West: Late father-in-law helped with album

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The rapper credits late relatives with helping with new album

He apologized for tweet about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's son

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Kanye West says his new project received some help from the great beyond.

The controversial artist called in to Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3 on Thursday morning to discuss his forthcoming album. He chatted with his friend, radio deejay Big Boi, and credited someone much larger than himself for the as-yet-untitled project.

“I’m only doing one percent, two percent of the work and God is doing the rest of the work,” he said.

The rapper also added that he believes both his late mother, Donda West, and late father-in-law, Robert Kardashian Sr., have had a hand in his recent success.

“My mom… had Teddy Riley change his flight and come back to the studio,” West said. “Robert Kardashian is making sure that all the deals is getting done. He’s still doing deals for controversial black people from up in heaven.”

West was recently involved in a Twitter feud with rapper Wiz Khalifa which fascinated the Internet. West said the pair have since made peace and explained that he lashed out in defense of his family when he believed Khalifa was attacking West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

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He also apologized for a remark he made during the dispute about Khalifa’s child with his ex-wife, Amber Rose. Rose is also a former girlfriend of West.

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“For people who felt a way about the kids comment I ain’t mean it in a harmful way,” West said. “I just saw my wife’s initials and reacted because that’s my family.”

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