The changing face of family

Published 2323 GMT (0723 HKT) February 7, 2016
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Veronique and Anne pose with their twins, Angele and Lucien, in Brest, France. The same-sex couple had to travel to Belgium to get the in-vitro fertilization they couldn't get in France, said photographer Vincent Gouriou. Vincent Gouriou
Sandrine and Frederique are both transgender and have been together for several months, Gouriou said. Vincent Gouriou
Fulub and Yann-Pier have been living together for 25 years. They bought a house in the countryside together and got married a year ago. Vincent Gouriou
Laurence is divorced and shares custody of her children Noemie and Antoine. Vincent Gouriou
Gouriou met twins Florence and Patricia in a restaurant and went on to take pictures of them at their apartment in Brest. Family is "all about giving and receiving love and affection," Gouriou said. It's about "feeling protected (and) connecting with other human beings." Vincent Gouriou
Melanie, seen here with her father, is transgender. She is supported by her family, her friends and her boyfriend, Gouriou said. Vincent Gouriou
Francoise and Danielle have been a couple for several years and got married in June. Vincent Gouriou
Gouriou also photographed these nuns who live together in Concarneau, France. "I've known some of (these) sisters since I was a little boy," he said. "They were my parents' friends and neighbors." Vincent Gouriou