Stan Kroenke buys $725M Texas ranch

Updated 1642 GMT (0042 HKT) February 10, 2016
waggoner ranch entrancewaggoner ranch entrance
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The Waggoner Ranch in Texas was on the market for $725 million. The final selling price paid by billionaire Sam Kroenke is not known. Chris Collis/WTWE
There are more than 100 different properties that cover the estate, which itself is half-a-million acres in size. Chris Collis/WTWE
It is the largest single-fenced ranch in the United States and stretches across six different counties. Chris Collis/WTWE
The estate itself has stayed in one family, the Waggoners, for its entire 166-year history. Chris Collis/WTWE
Waggoner Ranch is no stranger to horse play of all kinds from reining ... Chris Collis/WTWE
... to polo matches that used to be more of a feature in the early 20th century. WTWE
The sale is being overseen by Bernard Uechtritz, a Papua New Guinea-born Australia who relocated to Texas. Gustav Schmiege Photography
Waggoner Ranch has a rich history. Among its more illustrious visitors was the former American president Theodore Roosevelt (center). WTWE
Even the animals are famous. Esteemed shire horse Poco Bueno, the first horse insured for $100,000, worked there and was buried standing fully upright at the behest of the Waggoner family. Chris Collis
Famed Comanche chief Quanah Parker has also been pictured on the ranch. WTWE
A total 25% of the mineral rights will remain in the possession of the current owners. Chris Collis
There are more than 100 properties on the estate. Chris Collis/WTWE
There is enough water in one lake alone on the property to source the 105,000-strong population of nearby Wichita Falls. Chris Collis/WTWE
Such is the vast expanse of land, a helicopter tour of the property takes an hour and 45 minutes. Chris Collis/WTWE
From the Waggoner family to part of the Kroenke empire. The billionaire businessman described the property as "a true Texas and American landmark." Chris Collis