Clinton campaign looking for backup on social media

Story highlights

  • Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign wants their supporters to step it up online
  • And are offering inside information for those who do

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (CNN)Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign wants its supporters to step it up online. And are offering inside information for those who do.

In an email to supporters on Wednesday, Clinton's digital organizing director, Jess Morales Rocketto, asked for help making sure her message was "coming through loud and clear" on Facebook and Twitter. The email asks supporters to join a group that will get updates from Clinton's campaign headquarters about what to post on social media.
    The email is also a tacit acknowledgment that Clinton's campaign is having trouble matching the size of Bernie Sanders' online community, particularly in tweeting about big moments in the election campaign.
    "This election is heating up, and you should be right in the thick of it," she wrote. "During big moments of the campaign, it's our job to get on Twitter and Facebook and make sure Hillary's message (and our support for her!) is coming through loud and clear."
    Sanders' campaign has also been able to harness that online community into a fundraising juggernaut, consistently soliciting small-dollar donations from his dedicated fans. Sanders' campaign was able to raise more than $6 million in the 24 hours following polls closing in New Hampshire on Tuesday.
    Rocketto's ask is that the campaign's supporters tweet and post updates on Facebook during the campaign.
    The digital organizing director also writes that joining the group allows supporters access to "exclusive training calls with special guests (hint -- their last names are sometimes Clinton)."