Trump's biggest enemy: Google

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  • Dean Obeidallah: Google makes it difficult for Donald Trump to escape past comments
  • Trump can change his tone and stop cursing, but past comments are a quick search away, he says

Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM's weekly program "The Dean Obeidallah Show," a columnist for The Daily Beast and editor of the politics blog The Dean's Report. Follow him on Twitter: @TheDeansreport. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.

(CNN)Poor Donald Trump. He really, really wants to leave behind his brash, vulgar, sexist and bigoted comments and be seen as presidential.

Trump told reporters as much last week, noting how easily he can pivot to be more presidential. "I'm very capable of changing to anything I want to change to," he said. He also vowed to "never" use "foul language" again on the campaign trail.
    What has brought on this sudden change of heart?
      Dean Obeidallah
      Apparently Trump, much like countless past presidential candidates before him, wants to begin pivoting from more partisan positions in the primary to more moderate ones to help in the general election. Only in Trump's case, we are not talking a change in policy, but a change in persona.
      Here's the thing, though: Trump could suddenly start acting like Prince Charming complete with white horse, but there's one big problem standing in the way of this chameleon transformation -- Google. Of course, YouTube and Twitter don't help him too much either, but Google is truly Trump's kryptonite.
      And I'm not even talking about the