Making a sex doll

Story highlights

  • Robert Benson photographed a sex-doll factory in Southern California
  • The nine-person team at Abyss Creations produces 300-400 dolls a year

(CNN)Inside a nondescript building in a Southern California business park, a small team assembles some of the most expensive and sought-after sex dolls in the world.

Abyss Creations makes RealDoll, a life-sized silicone figure with a fully poseable skeleton, interchangeable faces and penetrable orifices starting at $6,500. The company says it rarely pays for advertising, relying on word of mouth and a steady stream of press coverage since its first celebrity endorsement: shock jock Howard Stern in 1996.
    Photographer Robert Benson discovered the factory last year. He had been searching for a sex-doll manufacturer to photograph during a visit to Japan. Much to his surprise, one of the most famous manufacturers was just a few miles from his San Diego home.
      During a shoot in April, Benson captured the process of making a single doll from mold to makeup, and he met the team of nine that produces 300-400 dolls a year.