The Mono Marine Edition: A supercar fit for a superyacht

By Tom Sweetman, CNN

Updated 1227 GMT (2027 HKT) March 1, 2016
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For the ultra-high net worth individual who takes pride in their superyacht, it seems only right that they have an aquatic supercar to go with it. The Mono Marine Edition could be just the thing they've been searching for -- the single-seat speedster built for life on the seven seas. BAC
The Mono Marine Edition is the brainchild of Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) and the artist's impression is based on its original Mono model -- a single-seater racing car built for the public road -- but tailored to ensure it can ride onboard the world's most opulent vessels. BAC
"People always think that when they're on their yachts they're just going to enjoy the water. But that's the idea of the Mono Marine -- to open up their minds," BAC co-founder and Mono Marine Edition designer Ian Briggs tells CNN Sport.
"It's about having a toy to play with when you reach land and being able to explore that land, and enjoying it in the same way that you can already enjoy yourselves on the water."
Powered by the same 305bhp 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine as the 2016 edition of the Mono -- enabling it to reach 62mph in 2.8 seconds and with a top speed of 170mph -- modifications include an anti-corrosion coating to protect against salty environments, a rust-resistant finish and an environmental control container system with temperature and humidity controls for stowing on board. BAC
The Mono Marine Edition, which weighs in at just 580kg (1278lbs) -- a third of the weight of a Ferrari -- also comes complete with a carbon-fibre crane arm to help transport it on and off any superyacht, while its strengthened chassis boasts lifting points for it to be loaded and unloaded with ease. BAC
"The idea came out of a conversation about how great it would be to arrive at a port, lift off a couple of single-seater cars and then go and explore the mountain passes, ending up at the top of a mountain somewhere and looking down to the ocean and seeing the yacht there smiling back at you," Briggs says. "It's not a case of needing transport when you get to land, as people can ring for a limousine and go around in a Rolls Royce, but more about having that toy readily available to you." BAC
The Mono was the first ever single-seater racer to hit the public roads when launched in 2011, according to Briggs, and he feels that could be a key selling point to yacht owners.
"If you're the kind of person who says, 'I want a Mono because there's nothing out there more focused on driving,' and if they happen to have a yacht as well, rather than close that option down to them they can take it on the boat," he says. "There are lots of people with big car collections that also happen to have yachts as well, and for whatever reason, up until now, nobody's ever really connected them together."
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Having started his career designing luxury yachts before turning his hand to supercars, Briggs always wanted to find a way of marrying together his passions for both marine and automotive design.
"I've always enjoyed designing yachts as a design or architectural challenge, but being a car lover, what always put me off them was being on the boat and that it was all to do with the water -- I can go scuba diving, water skiing, but I wanted to arrive at places and then go and explore them. There seemed like there was always a hole in the market there."
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"It was nice when we launched the car at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show and you look out across all these superyachts and see this new piece of science-fiction sport equipment just sitting there that brought together those two worlds -- my first love in design in driving, along with my early work in design in the yacht industry," says Briggs. "That was a nice moment to have them together." Anthony Rakusen
The Mono Marine Edition, which is customizable both inside and out, is built to order and can be yours for just £500,000 ($733,400) -- a drop in the ocean compared to the sum forked out for that superyacht it could soon be sailing with. BAC
Looking for a final reason to snap one up? Owners of the Mono Marine Edition will be able to thank Bjork and her music video "All is Full of Love" for the striking visuals of their new vehicle.
"That Bjork video was a very strong influence on us on the original Mono," Briggs explains. "It was very important that we gave it a new aesthetic -- as a product of the future we thought it should have aesthetics of the future."
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