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The Museum of Broken Relationships is opening soon in Los Angeles

Various items donated from past relationships on display

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Is your home cluttered with items that remind you of an ex? Now you can donate them instead of burning or throwing them out.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is located in Zagreb, Croatia, and is dedicated to those trinkets and gifts that had special meaning, specifically due to a relationship.

A wedding dress is on display in the museum in Zagreb, Croatia.

Soon, Americans will have their very own museum: a second location is scheduled to open in Los Angeles.

The founders are Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, who came up with the idea after their 2003 breakup, according to Vice.

It began as an exhibit traveling around the world, picking up items to add, before opening as a permanent museum in 2010.

Some of the items are quite unusual, like this broken gnome figure.

Among the items on display: a winter coat, a wig, a shaving kit, locks of hair, and strangest of all, a pair of mannequin hands.

Last week, there was a preview in Los Angeles to encourage more people to donate items.

It’s certainly a museum unlike any other, and is scheduled to open its doors in L.A. in May.