Court documents: FBI bugged binders to eavesdrop on Russian spy ring

Evgeny Buryakov, seen here in a court sketch, has been accused of spying for Russia.

Story highlights

  • An undercover FBI agent gave bugged binders to the alleged spy
  • Hours of conversations were recorded
  • Evgeny Buryakov is due in Manhattan federal court on April 4

(CNN)The FBI used techniques reminiscent of Cold-War spy tactics to eavesdrop on Russian intelligence agents in New York City: bugging binders full of "confidential" industry information, court documents revealed this week.

The covert practice was revealed in filings for the trial of Evgeny Buryakov on Tuesday, who was arrested in January 2015. Prosecutors allege that Buryakov's cover was as an employee for a Russian Bank in New York City but he actually was working for the Russian foreign intelligence agency, SVR.