Elise Neal turns 50, sets fire to the Internet

CNN  — 

Elise Neal at 50 is enough to make you toss out all the carbs.

The actress celebrated her milestone on Monday and left many gaping over how amazing she looks. Apparently 50 is no longer the new 40, it’s now the hot “she could pass for 30 easily.”

Fans wished her a happy born day with photos of the “Hughleys” actress in a bikini, a mini-dress and anything else they could find as evidence that Neal is sipping from the fountain of youth.

The overall reaction? Damn, Elise. Just damn.

The winning tweet must go to always hilarious social media star Awesomely Luvvie, who wrote, “YO. ELISE NEAL. My jaw was on the ground. That woman’s body is RIDICULOUS. That’s 50??? Her black REFUSES to wrinkle let alone crack.”