Brussels attacks: How to check on loved ones

A police officer stands guard as people are evacuated from Brussels Airport on Tuesday morning.

(CNN)Three explosions in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday killed at least 30 people and wounded hundreds more. The attacks occurred at the Brussels Airport and a subway station.

There are several ways you can check on the safety of loved ones in Brussels:
The Belgian Red Cross set up a website that allows people to search for family and friends in Brussels and also for those in Brussels to check in if they're OK.
    The Belgian Crisis Center established a phone number that people outside of Belgium may call for information: +3278151771.
      To check on loved ones at the Brussels Airport, call (0032) (0)2/753 73 00.
        Facebook activated its safety check feature, which allows people in Brussels to check in on the social media website and let people know they are alive and well.
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