The survivors of the Lahore blast

Child victims of blast struggle to recover
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    Child victims of blast struggle to recover


Child victims of blast struggle to recover 03:12

(CNN)It was an Easter Sunday that ended in horror, when a suicide bomb detonated at a park in Lahore, Pakistan.

The explosion killed 74 people, cutting short dozens of young lives and marring newlywed bliss. Another 362 people were injured. Four days after the blast, CNN visited Jinnah Hospital to meet survivors of the brutal attack -- some were barely babies.
Only 4 years old, Tehmina lay in bed with a shrapnel injury to her skull. Her brother is in another ward for burns. Her uncle says she doesn't know that her father and sisters did not survive.
    Inayat Ali
    Inayat Ali lost his three children in the attack. Deaf since the bomb, the 45-year old suffered a broken arm and burns to his face.
    Khizer Ubaid Ullah
    A college student who also works nights to support his family, Khizer Ubaid Ullah had just taken a few hours to have fun with his friends. He called his mother that day to say he'd be home for dinner before leaving for his part-time job. She says she was just setting the table when she got the distressing call from him in the hospital.
    Sara Anum
    Sara Anum, 10, attempted to put on a brave face despite her shrapnel wounds.
    Zeeshan Taj
    Zeeshan Taj, 24, is being treated for burns and for shrapnel injuries on both legs.
    The Ziarats
    The Ziarat family was part of a larger group of 25 visiting the amusement park. Doctors at the hospital have been trying to keep the traumatized families together as much as possible.
    The Ziarats' youngest son
    Their 5-year-old wasn't physically injured but tosses and turns in bed, traumatized by the shock of events last Sunday.
    Tayyib Ziarat
    Eldest son Tayyib, 11, also has shrapnel wounds on his bleeding arm.
    Bisma Ziarat
    Their 7-year-old daughter Bisma has a broken leg, and the other is riddled with bomb pellets.