Los Angeles father accused of killing son because he was gay


Story highlights

  • Son had multiple gunshot wounds; mother is also dead, stabbed "multiple times," police say
  • LGBT people can face abandonment and violence "even within their own family," advocate says
  • Los Angeles man is charged in son's murder; death of man's wife also is probed

Los Angeles (CNN)The father threatened repeatedly to kill his son because he was gay.

Then he allegedly did so this week.
    Shehada Khalil Issa, 69, was charged with using a shotgun in the premeditated murder of his son, Amir Issa, 38, Los Angeles County prosecutors said.
    The mother also was found dead inside the family home in the North Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. She was stabbed "multiple times," police spokesman Mike Lopez said.
    Her death is still under investigation; authorities didn't immediately release her name.
    The son was allegedly shot outside of the house and had multiple gunshot wounds, Lopez said. Authorities haven't provided further details of the circumstances. Police responded to a 911 call Tuesday and discovered the bodies.

    Self-defense claim

    Investigators told the Los Angeles Daily News that Issa had initially said he found his dead wife in the bathroom of their house and had shot his son in self-defense after being threatened with a knife.
    Later, Issa made "incriminating statements" and was subsequently charged with murder. A detective told the paper: "It was a horrible family tragedy."