Fati Abubakar: Touching portraits of life after Boko Haram

Updated 1041 GMT (1841 HKT) October 3, 2016

(CNN)Fati Abubakar knew something was wrong when a local preacher started to draw larger crowds with his outspoken rhetoric.

The place was Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria's Borno State, and the man in question was Mohammed Yusuf, the late leader of Boko Haram.
Eight years on and the militant Islamist cell has become the deadliest terror group in the world. Boko Haram has unleashed wave after wave of brutal attacks across northern Nigeria, bombing schools, churches and mosques, kidnapping women and children and assassinating politicians and religious leaders alike.
In 2014, the last available year of figures, Boko Haram was responsible for 6,644 deaths according to the Global Terrorism Index. It was a number widely reported, but it only tells a fraction of the story.
Abubakar is doing her best to make up for that.