One person arrested at Amsterdam airport

amsterdam schiphol airport walker fonderson_00002508
amsterdam schiphol airport walker fonderson_00002508


    Amsterdam airport on lockdown, 1 person arrested


Amsterdam airport on lockdown, 1 person arrested 00:52

Story highlights

  • Airport back to normal operations
  • Man questioned while a bomb squad goes through his luggage
  • Airport officials tweet that there was an "incident"

(CNN)Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is fully operational again hours after part of the main terminal was cordoned off over a "suspicious man," authorities said Wednesday.

"We had a call about a situation," Amsterdam police spokesman Alfred Ellwanger said Tuesday.
    A man was brought in for questioning while a bomb squad went through his luggage, he said in a statement.
    No explosives were found and the area was declared safe early Wednesday morning.
    The man remains in custody and police will conduct an investigation to establish why he was at the airport. It's unclear why the man was considered suspicious.
    Another arrest was made at Leiden Centraal Station, about a 20-minute train ride from the airport, said Lodewijk Hekking, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice and Security in Holland. It is unclear if the two arrests were related.

    Police presence

    A witness told CNN that armed police had cordoned off an area in the main terminal near the Departures 1 area.
    "Everyone is remaining calm. Shops were evacuated," Tony Fonderson said.
    Another witness said he doesn't know what happened, but people around him started running while he was in a shuttle bay. Victor Pascual said many people were stranded outside the terminal.
    "We have not been give any further information apart from to remain calm," he added.