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Williams vs. Williams: Rugby rivals
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Sibling superstars Sonny Bill and Niall Williams face off

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Sibling rivalry afflicts many households all over the world – but not, it would seem, Sonny Bill Williams’ family home.

Both he and his sister Niall are starring in the New Zealand rugby sevens teams and hoping to earn a much-coveted place in their respective squads for this year’s Olympic Games.

So CNN decided to test the pair’s affinity and to see just how well they know each other.

Question one: What are your nicknames?

Sonny Bill Williams: “SBW and Nizzle.”
Niall Williams: “Nizzle and, the main one known around the world, SBW – but just at home we call him Sonny.”


Question two: Favorite film?

SBW: “Mine would be Malcolm X.”

And what about Niall’s? “Hmmm, Love and Basketball maybe.”

NW: “Love and Basketball and, ummm, Malcolm X. I’d go with that.”

Two for two!

Question three: If you weren’t a rugby player, what would you be doing?

SBW: “Painting, it’s a family trait.”

How about your sister? “She’d be a postie, delivering the post. That’s what she was doing before she played rugby!”

NW: “I’d be a mum and he’d probably be a model for Calvin Klein. Ah no, probably for a teeth company – he likes the look of his teeth!”

So Sonny, would you make a good teeth and underwear model?

SBW: “OK, I floss, I brush my teeth and I use mouth wash. Does that mean that I love it? That means that I, you know, like to look after my teeth!

“And Calvin Klein model is because I always walk around in my undies at home.

“My daughter pointed at the undies person and was like: ‘daddy daddy.’ So that’s where she’s just giving me s**t!”

Don’t give up the day job, SBW!

Question four: Three words to describe yourself?

SBW: “Self-driven, determined, family-oriented, happy and honest.”

Uhh, that’s five… What three words would you use to describe your sister? “Determined, honest and loyal.”

Niall, what three words would SBW use to describe himself?

NW: “Tall, dark and handsome!!” And how would he describe you? “Beautiful, fantastic and, two words, favorite sister!”

Errrr… not quite!

To see how the pair got on with other questions, watch more in CNN Sport’s video.