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Wimbledon singles champions to net $2.9M

Prize money for winners up by 6.4%

Season's third slam starts June 27

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The world’s top tennis players will compete for a bumper $2.9 million after Wimbledon hiked its top prize ahead of the prestigious grass-court tournament.

Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams took home $2.75 million each in 2015 after winning the respective men’s and women’s singles titles.

The top-ranked duo are hot favorites to retain their crowns and pick up an extra 6.4% in prize money this year.

Wimbledon, whose total prize fund has been increased by 5% to $41.1 million, is the second-most lucrative grand slam in the calendar.

The U.S. Open leads the way, with each winner taking home $3.3 million. In contrast, the winners of the Australian Open net $2.98 million, and the French Open rewards victors with $2.26 million.

Wimbledon also announced it will be unveiling increased anti-doping measures as well as stricter monitoring and analysis.

The season’s third of four grand slam tournaments will also significantly boost total prize money for wheelchair players to $292,500 – up from $93,600 last year.

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Serena and Novak look back at Wimbledon 2015
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