Uber: Transportation company turns its hand to yacht rides with UberYACHT

    The UberYACHT follows on from the UberBOAT and the UberCHOPPER.

    Story highlights

    • Uber launches UberYACHT this weekend in Dubai
    • Dubai residents can access deluxe yacht party using their app
    • Uber has offered boat rides and helicopter trips in the past

    (CNN)A taxi ride is just a tap of an app away in the modern world, and now so is that yacht trip you've always dreamed of.

    Uber, the online transportation network company, has already brought us cars, boats and helicopters to help with getting from A to B -- now it's turning its hand to luxury vessels.
      UberYACHT launches in Dubai Saturday, allowing residents to access a deluxe yacht party through their Uber app.

        $82 a ride

        Food, drink, resident DJs and views of the city's iconic shoreline come with the ride -- at a cost of AED300 ($82) -- for those who request their spot using the app 48 hours before the ship sets sail.
        "At Uber we are constantly innovating our services. We want to be more than just a leading global technology app, we want to provide experiences at the push of a button," Chris Free, Uber's general manager in the United Arab Emirates, told CNN.
        Uber, which was founded in 2009, has often dabbled outside the world of cars, offering boat rides across the Bosphorus in Istanbul (UberBOAT) and helicopter trips through California's Coachella Valley (UberCHOPPER).

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