Whole-wheat bread and other 'healthy' foods diet experts avoid

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  • Many nutritionists stay away from whole-wheat bread and cold-pressed juices
  • "Your body can only absorb so many vitamins and minerals at one time," one expert says

(CNN)We know nutrition pros load up on wild salmon, ancient grains, and kale, but what virtuous-seeming fare will you never find on their plates? Here are the health-halo items they leave right on the shelves.

No-Sugar-Added Ice Cream

    "I never buy no-sugar-added or light ice creams. The no-sugar-added types may have up to 18 additional ingredients, including artificial sweeteners that can even produce a laxative effect! Go for the real thing -- not only will you be more satisfied with less, you'll be doing your health and digestive system a favor." -- Maggie Michalczyk, RD, a nutritionist in New York City

    Puffed Veggie Chips

    "I stay away from puffed veggie chips like Pirate's Booty and Veggie Straws. When you look at the ingredient list you'll generally find not just veggies, but a long list of additives such as potato starch, corn starch, white rice flour, and