Yoga for kids

Published 0044 GMT (0844 HKT) May 7, 2016
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Dana Santas teaches her son Luke, left, and his best friend, Nolan Joyner, the cobbler's pose. Janel Norton
The boys work on their breathing technique. "Rib riding" reinforces proper breathing biomechanics. Janel Norton
Santas developed "peace palm exhaling" to help kids prone to panic attacks or tantrums. Janel Norton
Santas, Luke and Nolan stand in happy hopping tree pose, which improves balance, coordination and movement control. Janel Norton
The pose Santas calls "dog at the fire hydrant" usually results in a lot of giggling. Janel Norton
Imagining their yoga mats as magic carpets helps the boys learn mindfulness. Janel Norton