MACIF: The 100ft yacht built to topple world records

Published 1602 GMT (0002 HKT) May 6, 2016
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The MACIF trimaran, designed by naval firm Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost, was built with one goal in mind: to break world records. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
The 100-foot yacht was built for renowned French sailor Francois Gabart. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
The 33-year-old is racing the boat in the Plymouth to New York Transat bakerly in an attempt to break the solo around the world record. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
In 2013, Gabart won the Vendee Globe -- an unassisted, round the world race -- in a record time of 78 days, two hours and 16 minutes. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
Next year, Gabart -- sailing MACIF -- will be attempting to break Francis Joyon's single-handed circumnavigation record, which stands at 57 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and six seconds. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
"The Transat bakerly, it is no longer what it was (waves, icebergs, biting winds)," Gabart told the Transat website. "I'm in Crocs and shorts! Considering the size of the Atlantic, how close we are is ridiculous." Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
"After racing such a distance, our difference is ridiculous. It's awesome! We wanted to get some competition, and it has delivered," Gabart told the Transat website as he reflected on his Atlantic duel with Sodebo skipper Thomas Coville on Friday May 6. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
The MACIF trimaran measures 21 meters across and weighs 14.5 tons, while the sails measure 430/650 square meters. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
On his around the world trip, Gabart recently told Yachting World he estimates he will spend "95% of my time" in the yacht's cabin, as the design allows him to rest, navigate, be close to important controls and most of his food supplies. Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif
Trimarans of this size can now comfortably maintain speeds of 40 knots (46 miles per hour). Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Macif