Moonstone: The peacock of the yachting world

By Tom Sweetman, CNN

Published 1134 GMT (1934 HKT) May 9, 2016
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Do you want your superyacht to stand out at sea? Well, how about one which comes equipped with 600 flashing lights? Welcome aboard, Moonstone -- the peacock of the yachting world. Oceanco/Van Geest Design
The result of an Oceanco and Van Geest Design cooperation, Moonstone -- named after the gemstone -- is a luxury vessel that literally shines thanks to an array of effects that create a visual extravaganza. Oceanco/Van Geest Design
"The yacht is not just a yacht anymore; it becomes an experience. An experience that is always surprising," Pieter van Geest of Van Geest Design tells CNN. "Moonstone allows the owner to choose an ever-changing experience on board; their boat has the ability to never appear the same. This is unique and never seen before -- no one's ever had the ability to be different whenever they want." Oceanco/Van Geest Design
Moonstone's 600 LED triangles are split into two sets of 300, spread across each side of the ship's 90-meter long hull -- and all can be controlled via an app. "The light panels represent flexibility in design and appearance," Van Geest says. "Initially we wanted to recreate the twinkle effect of the sunlight on water, but by having the ability to create patterns and even images we get to limitless possibilities." Oceanco/Van Geest Design
Moonstone doesn't just stop with lights. The superyacht also comes complete with special backlit surfaces linked to fish-eye cameras which can capture the color of the sky or reflect of a sunrise. Oceanco/Van Geest Design
"The inspiration behind Moonstone was basically nature. Yachts and ships rarely look like they belong in their environment; they break the horizon and sometimes even spoil the landscape," Van Geest says. "Our goal was to design something that can belong in, and enhance its surroundings." Oceanco/Van Geest Design
Any potential buyers thinking that all those lights can't be good for the environment, fear not. They've been designed to be self-sufficient, sitting beneath with 70-square-meter solar panels. A full day's sunlight, it is estimated, will allow the lights on Moonstone to run for up to three hours. Oceanco/Van Geest Design
Besides its striking lighting features, Moonstone comes with all the usual mod cons you'd expect to find on any respectable superyacht. A cinema, gym, helicopter pad and wellness area are just a few of the facilities on offer, while sticking to the boat's theme, its swimming pool comes with dimmable lights to add even more glow to the party. Oceanco/Van Geest Design
Moonstone can be ready for use within three years. But if that sounds like too long to hang around, you could always just buy those 600 LED lights instead... "We don't have to engineer the light features anymore," Van Geest says. "So if somebody wants this, they can press the button and have it now. This is not a dream. It's not a dream, this is actually reality." Oceanco/Van Geest Design