Students snared in high-tech cheating scam in Thailand

The students allegedly used a camera hidden in a pair of glasses to record test questions.

Story highlights

  • The four face charges regarding their alleged cheating on medical exam
  • Dean says they used cameras hidden in eyeglasses to record test questions

(CNN)Four prospective medical students in Thailand have allegedly been caught cheating on an exam using some high-tech gadgetry.

"On May 7, while students were taking an entrance examination, the lecturer spotted suspicious behaviors of four students," said Naret Panthataratorn, deputy dean of Rangsit University.
    The lecturer approached the students, Naret said, and found suspicious glasses and electronic wrist watches.
    One of the watches apparently used to get test answers.
    "They have found two pairs of glasses with a hidden camera inside the glass frame," Naret said. "And three electronic wrist watches that are communication devices to receive answer from a 'command center.'"
    The students now face the prospect not only of being blacklisted by the university, but also lawsuits and even criminal prosecution, the deputy dean said.

    A team researched the questions

    Naret told CNN that a group of hired students would be sent to take the exam wearing a special pair of glasses. The camera hidden in the glasses would record video of the test questions.
    After that, for about 45 minutes, which is the minimum time one must sit through an examination, a person with a special pair of glasses would leave the test rooms and hand these glasses to a team who were waiting outside to download video from the hidden camera, he said. This team would send the file to another group, which Naret called the problem-solving team.
    A camera was hidden in a pair of glasses, deputy dean says.