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It’s a puzzling tale of unrequited love.

A 27-year-old Chinese man declared his affections by solving 840 Rubik’s cubes and using them to create a giant portrait of his dream girl – a next-door neighbor.

But, alas, she said no.

“I simply wanted to surprise her and tell her I like her … but I was rejected,” Tong Aonan, a mechanic from the northern Chinese city of Shenyang, told CNN.

When asked how he was feeling he said: “I’m not giving it too much thought.”

Tong said he spent two months planning the 2.1-meter high and 1.4-meter wide mosaic. He drafted a design on Photoshop and then spent $460 on 840 Rubik’s cubes that were delivered to his apartment.

Tong then solved each Rubik’s cube according to his design – and stacked them one-by-one in a specially made wooden frame. It took him 20 hours over three nights to complete.

He came up with a design using Photoshop and ordered 840 Rubik's cubes online.

Geek love

Tong’s heartbreaking tale and photos of the mosaic went viral after he shared them on Chinese social media.

Many have questioned why the girl would reject such a heartfelt and geeky declaration of love.

He says he has no hard feelings towards her. Although he wasn’t able to win her heart, he said she was moved by the gift and has accepted it.

“I hope they will stop making personal comments about her (online).”

Tong said that he likes playing with the puzzles in his free time as he doesn’t like going out and socializing.

The portrait is still sitting in his home and he says his next “puzzle” is how to move it.

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