China: Man declares love with 840 Rubik's cubes ... but she says no

Hong Kong (CNN)It's a puzzling tale of unrequited love.

A 27-year-old Chinese man declared his affections by solving 840 Rubik's cubes and using them to create a giant portrait of his dream girl -- a next-door neighbor.
But, alas, she said no.
    "I simply wanted to surprise her and tell her I like her ... but I was rejected," Tong Aonan, a mechanic from the northern Chinese city of Shenyang, told CNN.
      When asked how he was feeling he said: "I'm not giving it too much thought."
      Tong said he spent two months planning the 2.1-meter high and 1.4-meter wide mosaic. He drafted a design on Photoshop and then spent $460 on 840 Rubik's cubes that were delivered to his apartment.
      Tong then solved each Rubik's cube according to his design -- and stacked them one-by-one in a specially made wooden frame. It took him 20 hours over three nights to complete.