Syria, or a video game? Internet amused by Russian embassy's tweet

Story highlights

  • The embassy uses a "Command & Conquer" image to illustrate a point
  • But that wasn't the only thing off about their posts today

(CNN)The Russians are taking their Twitter game to a whole new level.

On Wednesday, the country's defense ministry held a briefing where it talked about how several trucks with chemical weapons had arrived in the rebel-held Syrian territory of Aleppo.
    So, today, the Russian embassy in London tweeted this:
    In case you can't make the picture out clearly, those aren't actual trucks with actual chemical weapons in actual Aleppo.
    That's a screen shot from the video game "Command & Conquer." Yes, that video game where the Americans and the Chinese team up and go medieval on a terror group.
    To be fair, the embassy did add a notation: "Image used for illustration purposes only."
    Still, it spurred the Twittersphere to reach deep into their creative well and come up with some truly inspired sendups.
    No one from the embassy returned CNN's calls for comments.
    But something interesting is going on with the embassy's Twitter feed.
    Earlier today, it posted another tweet and included a still from the zombie flick "Dead Snow."