Austria shooting: Man kills self, 2 others at concert

Story highlights

  • The 27-year-old man shot "wildly" into the crowd
  • At least 11 others were injured in the rampage

(CNN)A man killed two people during an argument at a concert in western Austria early Sunday, then turned the gun on himself, authorities said.

The shooting left 11 others injured in Nenzing -- close to the Liechtenstein border, according to public broadcaster ORF.
    A 27-year-old man got into a "relationship dispute" with a woman at a motorcycle club concert. He went to his car, retrieved a rifle and started shooting "wildly" into the crowd, ORF reported.
      Shortly after, the gunman went back to his car and killed himself.
      Police said "two men from the region, 33 and 48 years old" were killed. One of the injured is reported in critical condition.
      Authorities have not yet disclosed the identities of the gunman and the victims.
      Police spokeswoman Susanne Dilp says the woman involved in the argument with the gunman was not injured in the attack.
      About 150 people were attending the concert on the festival grounds of the motorcycle club "The Lords" when the shots rang out around 3 a.m. local time.
      Nenzing Mayor Florian Kasseroler said during the shooting "a stampede broke out" with people fleeing into neighboring forests and fields and even onto a nearby highway.
      Police are investigating whether the gunman had a firearm license.
        Austria is considered to have the most relaxed laws in the European Union.
        From age 18, Austrians can freely buy and own certain types of shotguns and semi-automatic rifles for sport and hunting. They only have to be registered with a licensed dealer within six weeks of purchase.