UK PM David Cameron buys used Nissan Micra car for wife

Story highlights

  • David Cameron bought a small used car for his wife Samantha
  • The blue Nissan Micra cost the British Prime Minister $2,184
  • "We will sell cars to anyone," says dealer Iain Harris in post on Facebook

(CNN)When used car dealer Iain Harris took a call saying the Prime Minister was on his way to buy a modestly-priced motor, he assumed it was one of his friends playing a prank on him.

But soon after, Harris, who runs the Witney Used Car Centre in Oxfordshire, southern England, was stunned to see Britain's PM pull up to take a look at a blue Nissan Micra.
    Harris told CNN that he "had a call from security people saying [David Cameron] was on his way; I thought it was a mate having a wind-up."
      The next day, Cameron returned to seal the deal, paying £1,495 ($2,184) for the car -- apparently for his wife Samantha -- without haggling over the price.
      Harris posted a Facebook picture of him shaking hands with the PM over the done deal, adding: "We will sell cars to anyone at Witney Used Car Centre."
        "Sam Cam in a Nissan" seems to have taken off: Harris said his business has seen an uptick in interest on social media, but that it was "too early to tell" if car sales at the dealership will be affected.
        It's the second time this week Cameron has showed off his "common man" side: On Sunday, he spent time in an ASDA supermarket, trying to call attention to the price hike he says would await shoppers in the UK, should they vote to leave the European Union at the upcoming referendum.