Euro 2016

Iceland wins, England implodes, Twitter explodes

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Iceland stun England at Euro 2016

Social media users across world react

EU president and heavyweight boxing champion get involved

CNN  — 

Iceland shocked the world as it ousted England from Euro 2016 Monday with a well deserved 2-1 knockout victory in Nice.

And with a population of just over 330,000 compared to England’s 53 million, the Nordic nation quickly became the toast of the Twitteratti.

ESPN’s Marc Stein highlighted the scale of Iceland’s achievement by listing U.S. cities with a similar population size.

While England’s players all earn tens of thousands of dollars a week, some of Iceland’s stars aren’t even professional footballers.

Which didn’t go down too well with England’s soccer pundits.

There may have been more than a hint of schadenfreude in this tweet from European Council president Donald Tusk given the political earthquake of last week’s Brexit vote.

But the former Polish prime minister quickly corrected himself, the concluding smiley face suggesting the apology was not completely without mischief.

Back in the UK supermarket chain, Iceland Foods, showed its sense of humor as the result came through.

It went down pretty well with the internet.

Although Iceland Foods did remind everyone that their expertise is not really in the round ball game.

And the Icelandic FA appreciated the name check.

Over in France, England’s heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury, was able to see the funny side by adopting the chant usually used to serenade Northern Ireland striker, Will Griggs.

Jubilant scenes inside the Allianz Riviera stadium on the full-time whistle also captivated social media. “Goosebumps” indeed.

Fans even joined in the war clap in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

While Wales players, who lost to England earlier in the tournament, celebrated as if they were Icelanders by heritage.

Next up for Iceland is a quarterfinal meeting with France in Paris.

And is there anything more ominous than a white walker from the hit HBO show Game of Thrones wearing an Iceland jersey if you’re French?

How about Iceland coach Lars Lagerback superimposed on to the body of a white walker?

Look out, Les Bleus.