Social media erupts after British politics turns into a fast-paced TV drama

London (CNN)Forget Game of Thrones. The United Kingdom and its current political landscape have turned into a fast-paced TV drama of its own that can't be missed.

It's been seven days since Brexit brought Britain to its knees. It's been a whirlwind of a ride -- filled with shock, confusion, backstabbing and uncertainty.
Boris Johnson: I will not stand for Prime Minister
Boris Johnson: I will not stand for Prime Minister


    Boris Johnson: I will not stand for Prime Minister


Boris Johnson: I will not stand for Prime Minister 01:13
In what might have been the most shocking day in British politics since the Brexit announcement, Boris Johnson -- one of the nation's most recognizable faces and champion of Britain's "Leave" campaign -- announced he would not, after all, stand for Prime Minister after being essentially thrown under the bus by his closest companion, Justice Secretary Michael Gove.
    Gove concluded that Johnson "cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead."
    The circus-like developments sparked an eruption from social media, with many weighing in on Johnson's suspicious exit.
    One meme likened Gove to the ruthless Godfather mafia boss Don Corleone:
    While another summed up Boris' week, comparing him to a meme where a child celebrates a basketball dunk shortly before being knocked over by the hoop:
    An account impersonating David Cameron's cat also joined in on the mockery, tweeting: "In fairness to Boris, as a cat I know a thing or two about asking to be let out and then instantly regretting that decision..."
    Some called the event 'Borixit' -- a play on Brexit -- while others compared the rival between Gove and Johnson to Mufasa and Scar from Disney's "The Lion King":
    Many have even compared Gove to Frank Underwood -- the fictional main character in the political drama "House of Cards":
    Even Johnson's aides foresaw the mockery. At the site of his shocking announcement they covered up the emergency exit sign to avoid any photo opportunists.