Brexit: Could these ads have changed the vote?

Anit-Leave supporters wonder whether an ad like this may have caused more UK voters to hesitate instead of taking the plunge

(CNN)After a week of post-Brexit hand wringing, pro-Remain forces are wondering if several unused anti-Leave ads could have swung another 2.7 percent of the vote. That might have kept the UK in the EU fold.

The props for this pub-stool game: a grenade, a pregnancy, a person standing at a cliff and a gallery of pro-Leave pols.
Some use a heavy hand and others a subtle -- perhaps too subtle -- approach. Take a look at these five advertisements and decide which ones might have helped.
    Unused Brexit campaign ad suggesting the danger of a Leave vote
    Strength: Emphasizes the oft-quoted danger of abandoning the European Union.
    Weakness: It's untrue. The pin can be re-inserted as long as the strike lever or "spoon" hasn't been released. The ad wouldn't have any credibility with viewers who knew this.
    Faces of the Leave campaign
    Strength: This ad could have resonated with at least 48.7% of the poll goers in the United Kingdom who may not have liked the way these politicians look.
    Weakness: Apparently, 51.3 percent of the voters were fine with being on the island with these guys (from right, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith) at least on the day of the vote.
    Rejected Brexit campaign ads revealed
    Strength: Conjures up warm feeling about the security of the womb while suggesting future generations will feel betrayed by a Leave vote
    Weakness: It's confusing, especially regarding the target audience, since future generations weren't voting.
    Unused add suggesting a Leave vote has visible dangers for the country
    Strength: Emphasizes the uncertainty and danger of taking a leap of faith.
    Weakness: It has a feeling of tranquility that sort of makes you want to jump.
    Another unusued grenade ad to emphasis a Leave vote is nothing to play with.
    Strength: Clearly spells out the dangers of a Leave vote as elites saw them.
    Weakness: The majority of voters didn't trust elites.