Great white shark tracking goes mobile

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, a Chatham, Massachusetts-based nonprofit,  has launched a shark-sighting mobile app.

(CNN)Northeast beachgoers are no strangers to shark sightings. Now they can share news of those sightings in real time with friends -- and scientists.

A new mobile app called Sharktivity allows users to track where sharks have been seen along the coast. They can also submit their own sightings.
There is science behind the app, too. Sharktivity is being launched by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that works to protect white sharks, also known as great whites. And it was developed in part by marine biologist Gregory Skomal, who has worked at the state's Division of Marine Fisheries for 29 years.
Skomal and his team plan to vet each sighting that is submitted.
The app includes the locations of some of the 80 sharks that researchers have already tagged. So far, it's available only for iPhone users.