Euro 2016: Gareth Bale vs. Cristiano Ronaldo -- who comes out on top?

    euro 2016 ryan giggs owen hargeaves round table_00020824
    euro 2016 ryan giggs owen hargeaves round table_00020824


      Euro 2016: Giggs believes Bale is better than Ronaldo


    Euro 2016: Giggs believes Bale is better than Ronaldo 04:37

    Story highlights

    • Bales' Wales faces Ronaldo's Portugal in Euro 2016 semifinal Wednesday
    • Both are looking to make history for their countries
    • Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs believes Bale is now the better player

    (CNN)The first Euro 2016 semifinal will pit two of the best players in the world -- and club teammates -- against each other for the chance to create history.

    When Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal and Gareth Bale's Wales face off Wednesday, both will be aiming to steer their countries into uncharted waters.
      For Portugal, widely considered as Europe's great underachievers, its empty trophy cabinet belies the plethora of talent the country has produced down the years and, at 31 years of age, Euro 2016 presents Ronaldo with perhaps one final chance for international glory.
      As for Wales, the players have already made history -- playing in a first major tournament since the 1958 World Cup and reaching the team's first semifinal.
      Leading the Dragons' charge is Bale, who Manchester United and Wales legend Ryan Giggs believes has already surpassed Real Madrid teammate Ronaldo.

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      "At the moment, Gareth Bale," Giggs, who played for Wales between 1991 and 2007, said when asked who he'd prefer on his team.
      "It's hard to say that with Ronaldo. You know, the other night he could have quite easily had a hat-trick," referring to his spurned opportunities in Portugal's quarterfinal against Poland.
      "He had four or five decent enough chances, and you're always thinking at the back of your mind: 'He's going to come good, he's going to come good.'
      "But I was impressed with Gareth Bale the other day because he didn't score, he didn't make any of the goals, but his work rate and what he did for the team is something Cristiano doesn't do -- Ronaldo is just a match winner."
      It's a sentiment echoed by Giggs' former United teammate Owen Hargreaves, who also played alongside Ronaldo at Old Trafford.
      Hargreaves points to Bale's humility as a contributing factor in his rise to the top of football.
      "Ronaldo wants to score goals, he wants to create them, he wants to be the main man and I don't think there's anything wrong with that," two-time Champions League winner Hargreaves said.
      "He's sacrificed a lot in his life to put himself in that position. But I think Bale is probably a little more down to earth, a bit more humble and one of the boys really."
      After overcoming Belgium -- ranked by FIFA as the second best team in the world -- in the quarterfinals, can Wales dare to dream it could go all the way and win Euro 2016?
      "You can because of what you've witnessed," Giggs says confidently. "And are Portugal better then Belgium? No.
      "Belgium are probably a better team, so what is there to fear?"