Heartwarming photo of devoted dad goes viral

This picture has touched the masses on social media.

Story highlights

  • Amy Palmer didn't anticipate the reaction the photo would cause
  • She says the act is typical of her husband

(CNN)A picture says a thousands words.

Especially in the case of Andre Palmer, a dad in York, Pennsylvania, who has inadvertently warmed the hearts of thousands.
    Amy Palmer, 33, Andre's wife, posted a picture of him sleeping under their son's hospital bed Tuesday.
      Their son -- just 20 months old -- has bad asthma.
      "He had an asthma attack over the weekend," Amy Palmer told CNN. "It wouldn't break, so I took him to the hospital."
      The child was admitted to York Hospital's Pediatric wing on Monday evening.
        Andre Palmer, 31, works the third shift at a manufacturing company. He worked all night Monday, preventing him from being there when his son went into the hospital.
        But Amy Palmer was pleasantly surprised the next morning.
        "When I woke up Tuesday morning, he was there," she said. "He was sleeping under the crib."
          The image has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook, leaving Amy Palmer pretty shocked. But she says the gesture is typical of her husband.
          "I thought, oh my gosh, that's so wonderful," she said, "He's all about our kids and our family."