Tough times for tourism in Turkey

Published 0447 GMT (1247 HKT) July 12, 2016
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When terrorists struck Istanbul's Ataturk airport in June they sent shock waves through Turkey's tourism industry. Cetin Gürcün, the Secretary General of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) told CNN: "If (tourists) stand with us, then terrorists will see that they cannot do what they want." Hande Atay Alam
Tourists were already nervous about visiting Turkey after earlier attacks this year. Shop owner Ahmet says trade has slumped in recent months. "I used to have two shops but I had to close one, and now this is all I have. I've lost more than 90% of my business," he told CNN. Hande Atay Alam
Alpaslan Esin runs a restaurant and has seen his debts pile up as fewer people eat out. "I'm in so much debt. I don't know how I'm going to pay it off," he said. Hande Atay Alam
Restaurant Manager Dinçer Togrul told CNN things had been looking up before last month's Istanbul terror attack. "Last month, we were so happy. Business was just picking up. But then, the airport attack happened. Now, we rarely see any Europeans or Americans." Hande Atay Alam
Nazim Güvenç drives a taxi and has noticed a sharp drop in tourist numbers. "We have no work. Tourists believe that ...Turkey will have many explosions back to back, so they are scared to come," he said. Hande Atay Alam