Here's how Boris Johnson insulted YOUR country

(CNN)To call Boris Johnson outspoken might be the understatement of the year. Britain's new foreign secretary has a reputation for colorful language. It extends beyond gaffes to out and out insults about other countries and their leaders. Here are just some of the verbal grenades he's thrown at nations he'll now have to deal with as Britain's top diplomat.

He said people in Papua New Guinea eat other people!

    His comment about the Democratic Republic of Congo was cringe-worthy.

      Heck, he insulted the entire continent of Africa.

      He compared Russia's president to a creature in "Harry Potter."

      His limerick about the Turkish president won him 1st place in a poetry competition.

      Johnson had nothing good to say about China either.

        And he turned heads when he insulted the entire Commonwealth.

        And Johnson certainly has no love for American politicians.