Cop stabbed with samurai sword honored for bravery

Constable Rob Monk was stabbed with a samurai sword

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  • Constable reassured fellow officers despite bleeding heavily
  • He had been stabbed in thigh by man with samurai sword

(CNN)Two British police officers, one of whom was stabbed in the leg by a samurai sword-wielding man, were recently recognized for their bravery at a ceremony in London.

Constables Rob Monk and Gary Liddle were responding to a complaint in Northhampton about a man damaging a car with a baseball bat. The police were aware of concerns that the suspect had mental health issues, and might attempt suicide.
    Monk cracked open the door of a home, when the man inside lunged forward with a samurai sword and stabbed him deep in the leg. Monk yelled in pain as his fellow officers sprang into action.
    The encounter, which occurred in November 2014, was captured on video, thanks to a body camera worn by one of the officers.
    The sword went through Monk's thigh and was close to a main artery. He was bleeding heavily as Liddle improvised a tourniquet and rushed him to the hospital.
    Monk remained calm throughout the ordeal, assuring fellow officers repeatedly, "I'm all right," even as he lay on the ground with a grimace.
    Both officers were honored last Thursday at the 21st Police Bravery Awards in London.
    Constable Monk was awarded for his bravery
    Gez Jackson, chairman of the Northamptonshire Police Federation, said: "The bravery and professionalism shown by officers Monk and Liddle went above and beyond the normal call of duty. Both men put their own safety at risk, and PC Monk suffered a very serious injury in the process of trying to protect the public."
    Other recipients of the award include a police officer who saved a woman from drowning in Wales and an officer who rescued a suicidal man from jumping off a building in Greater Manchester.