Falling for Pokemon...falling in a pond. Jeanne Moos says Pokemon Go goes over the heads of many.      We?re covering all the angles.   This is Pokemon for slowpokes who don?t get it. Will include funny lingo. The danger angle (for instance, a guy who walked into a pond staring at his phone).   The MTA warning people not to fall into the tracks chasing Pokemon characters. A funny ?don?t drive while pokemon-ing? PSA.     Will include the morning show that accidentally shot Pokeballs at a crew guys crotch (?got him right in the Pokemon!?).  Late night humor. The Zombie APokelypse Daily News cover. All things Pokemon from the perspective of someone who is clueless.
Pokemon interrupts State Department briefing
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A State Department spokesman was in the middle of discussing the anti-ISIS coalition of countries

"You're playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren't you?" the State Dept. spokesman asked a reporter

CNN  — 

The Pokemon Go craze came to the State Department on Thursday, when a reporter was called out for playing the popular game during a briefing.

“You’re playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren’t you,” State Department spokesman John Kirby asked a reporter during the daily briefing. Kirby had been in the middle of discussing ongoing efforts by the anti-ISIS coalition to fight the terror group.

The reporter, who hasn’t been identified, responded, “I’m just keeping an eye on it.”

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Kirby resumed talking about the coalition – saying the fight “won’t be easy” and the department is “clear-eyed about the work” it has to do.

Then he circled back to the Pokemon Go playing reporter, asking him, “Did you get one?”

The reporter responded that he did not, because “the signal’s not very good.”

Kirby said, “I’m sorry about that” before continuing the briefing.