Costumes of Comic-Con 2016

Updated 1643 GMT (0043 HKT) July 24, 2016
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Husband and wife Dave Hester and Donna Hester dress as zombie Donald Trump and zombie Hillary Clinton during the Comic-Con Zombie Walk on Saturday, July 23 in San Diego. Here are scenes from the annual gathering celebrating comics-related entertainment. Invision/Denis Poroy/Invision/AP
Kathy Green and David McClow, dressed as characters from Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas," ride the trolley to the convention center. Invision/Denis Poroy/Invision/AP
Rupert the French Bulldog takes a break from the festivities. Invision/Powers Imagery/Invision/AP
Dorian Black as Batman and Kyle Blankenfield as Spiderman pose for the camera. Invision/Al Powers/Invision/AP
Todd Christian, dressed as the Incredible Hulk, waits for the San Diego Trolley. Invision/Denis Poroy/Invision/AP
A family of "Mad Max" fans: David LeBeau, dressed as Mad Max, left; Liam LeBeau, as Nux; and Riana LeBeau, as Furiosa. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
Katherine Masiewicz, dressed as a monster hunter, faces off against a group of dinosaurs as they pose for photographers outside the convention center. Denis Poroy/Invision/AP
Todd Schmidt, of San Diego, dressed as the Iceman. Al Powers/Invision/AP
Fans dressed as "Chewie's Angels" strike a pose. Denis Poroy/Invision/AP
Manny Rios said he spent two months of weekends making his velociraptor costume. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
Nicholas Prior of San Diego dressed as Dallas from the video game "Payday: The Heist." Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
"I get to yell at people and people are OK about that. I get to eat Slim Jims all day and people hand me Slim Jims. I'm pretty pumped," Pharbo Esnaashari, 25, said of his Macho Man Randy Savage costume. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
John Pina painted himself as the Silver Surfer. BILL WECHTER/AFP/Getty Images
Two fans who met at the convention show off their homemade Wolverine costumes. Chris Morrow/CNN iReport
Sara Maldonadao of Denver, left, and Alison Sumo of Placentia, California, dress as characters from the new version of "Ghostbusters." Al Powers/Invision/AP
Sergio Valente, as Superman, lifts Jessica Randall, as Vixen, as she gives him a kiss. Denis Poroy/Invision/AP
Members of the League of Hatters walk in front of the convention center. Denis Poroy/Invision/AP
A fan portrays a fierce Wonder Woman. Al Powers/Invision/AP
Martha Guzman screams as she poses for a photo with zombies at "The Walking Dead" booth. Denis Poroy/Invision/AP