What was that mystery light in the sky?

Story highlights

  • Mystery light spotted in the West spur questions on social media
  • Prevailing theory is that it's space junk from a Chinese rocket

(CNN)Bright, long streaks of light soared across the sky from Utah to California, stunning residents who got an unexpected show Wednesday night.

Theories over the stunning, mystery lights were many. Witnesses posted their videos on social media asking the burning question: What the heck was that? Was it a meteor? A missile? Evidence of extraterrestrial life?
    So far, one theory has gained the most traction: It's a heap of burning space junk.
    Witnesses shared their images and videos on social media, as well as their amazement over the sight.
    "We saw the most ridiculous fireball in the sky," said Ian Norman, a photographer, in a personal video account of what he saw from the slopes of the Sierra mountains in California.