Will Ferrell jokes he could play 'Jamie Vardy' role -- in his 'later, fatter years'

    Will Ferrell on Leicester in Los Angeles
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      Will Ferrell on Leicester in Los Angeles


    Will Ferrell on Leicester in Los Angeles 03:38

    Story highlights

    • Will Ferrell impressed by Leicester City success
    • Ferrell is co-owner of new MLS franchise Los Angeles FC
    • Actor jokes he could play striker Jamie Vardy in his "fatter years"

    (CNN)Comedian Will Ferrell has never been one to shy away from a physically challenging -- or hilarious -- movie role.

    The star of "Elf" and "Anchorman" has proven his rugged prowess in basketball pic "Semi-pro," figure skating romp "Blades of Glory" and NASCAR comedy "Talladega Nights."
      But Ferrell believes taking on the part of "working bloke"Jamie Vardy in a proposed biopic of the wiry Leicester City soccer star just might be a step too far.
      "I would have to play him in his later years," Ferrell joked in an CNN interview. "His later fatter years."
      Ferrell was speaking as the English champions visited Los Angeles as part of the International Champions Cup tournament.
      The 49-year-old movie-star is a co-owner of new MLS franchise Los Angeles FC alongside the likes of ex U.S. women's soccer star Mia Hamm and NBA legend Magic Johnson.
      Leicester's achievement last season in coming from nowhere to win the English Premier League title for the first time in its 132-year history was particularly poignant for Ferrell.
      "I think that's always an amazing storyline in any sport. Especially here in America, we love an underdog," Ferrell said.
      "It doesn't matter what sport it is, you'll find Americans pulling for that team that comes out of nowhere. And Leicester City winning it all ... it's equivalent to a team here that's never had any wins and winning the Super Bowl.
      "Hopefully they can continue and have continued success," he added.

      Unique opportunity

      LAFC will play its first MLS game in 2018 and Ferrell is confident that inspirational stories like Leicester City's march to the English Premier Leauge crown will encourage all of those at his new club to dream big.
      "Not only is it a great story for sport, but something LAFC can emulate," Ferrell said. "It'll be great to start right away with a winning team."
      "With a brand new soccer only stadium right in downtown Los Angeles and the way soccer has been growing ... specifically here in southern California it's a really unique opportunity," he added.
      Perhaps there will be a fairytale movie role in the LAFC story for Ferrell in the years to come -- just not one that requires a realistic depiction of Vardy's whippet-like pace.