Why the internet loves Aly Raisman's nervous parents

    Aly Raisman nails the balancing beam during the women's team all-around preliminaries.

    (CNN)Gymnast Aly Raisman was a picture of composure during Team USA's qualifying round in Rio de Janeiro.

    Her parents on the other hand ...
    Lynn and Rick Raisman looked like they were on an invisible roller coaster as they leaned, cowered, and squirmed in their seats during their 22-year-old daughter's routine on the uneven bars Sunday.
      Their gut-wrenching performance in the stands caught the eye of NBC cameras -- and quickly went viral on the internet.
      The animated couple even spawned a few imitators.
      It's not the first time the Raismans have caught the attention of the crowd. They first squirmed their way to stardom during their daughter's performance at the 2012 London Olympics.
      They needn't have worried; their daughter won two gold medals in the team and floor events, and one bronze on the balance beam that year.
      Aly Raisman displays her gold medal for the women's floor exercise during the London 2012 Olympics.
        This time round, the Raismans will again have to hold on to their seats when Team USA takes to the floor for the women's team all-around final Tuesday.
        If there was a gold medal for the best parent reactions at the Olympics, we know who we'd be putting our money on.